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The Sketch Of The Match Which Is Ought To Happen In Between The Two Players, An Overview :

Petra Martic versus Madison Keys Tennis Match prediction is one of the Key matches, which is ought to happen on the 2nd of March, 2022. The most Eye Catchy parameter is that the duo would be facing each other in the 1/16th Finals of the competition in Monterrey. Apart from this, it seems that there would be no serious encounter amidst the Duo

The Head To Head Statistics And The Previous Results :

Moving back to the Throwback, it was at Roland Garros, when Martic had beaten Madison Keys by 3-6, 6-3, 6-1. Moreover, Madison Keys fulfilled her vengeance on Petra Martic on the Asian Soil in 2019. Furthermore, this happened by a Score of 6-3, 6-4.

Brief Glimpse On Petra Martic :

Coming to Petra Martic, this Tennis Champion is able to portray a very high extent of Tennis Level. As a result, the Player has nothing to count on the Mexican Soil. Switching back, it was only a single victory which was bagged by Petra Martic. Furthermore, this happened at the inception of the New Season. However, the present circumstance of Petra Martic is such that, she is in a very Average condition. At the Day End, she would be overtaken.

Limelight On Madison Keys :

Coming to Madison Keys, the Tennis player has been able to fetch a good extent of the Acceleration in this Winter. However, the Player should have had been famous for her extreme High Stability. Unfortunately and Perversely, she has not proven famous. Going back, Madison Keys could not perform her Best in Guadalajara.

As a result, it is for sure that she would not even be able to fetch the impressive results on the Local Courts. At the Bottom line, it is not easy to terminate the Prospects of the American Tennis Champion. The only reason behind this is that in case, she holds the Right approach, she would be able to bag the Trophy.

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Bet On Match : Petra Martic Versus Madison Keys
Bet : Handicap (+5.5) Petra Martic
Odds : 1.8*

Concluding Lines :

The Tennis match which is ought to happen tomorrow, at least, in that Match, Petra does not seem to be Hopeless. As if now, it is expected that Martic would make the most difficult time for Keys.