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The Tennis match scheduled on 26th March 2022 an overview:

Ekaterina Vs Azarenka Tennis Match Prediction, these two fine tennis players will fight it out for the entry to the 3rd round of the Masters in Miami. Initially, it looks as if there is a clear winner and favorite in this match. Read on to find out in what scenario the clash will take place.

Previous results and head-to-head statistics:

The previous 2 encounters between them have resulted in favour of Azarenka. And as per the sportsbooks Victoria has become an indispensable asset and a favorite of the game. We will have to wait and see if she can live up to the expectations.

An overview of Ekaterina Alexandrova:

When the tournament started Ekaterina fought tooth and nail against Jasmine Paolini (6-1;6-2). And people were happy for her in Florida. However, this excitement was short-lived. The Russian never performed well over a long distance and it is believed that she has to exit the championship hastily. Online Tennis Betting Sites.

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An overview of Victoria Azarenka:

When Azarenka arrived in Florida she was not in the best of form. And the speculation is rife that she might lose another tournament. When her performance in California was modest, it ultimately led to the steep drop in her ratings. And it is almost certain that she might not recover. However, the fact that she is a fighter makes her slog for her titles.

Concluding lines: 

All that Ekaterina has to do is to put up a tough fight against Azarenka. In the past, Ekaterina has upset Azarenka many times and we strongly feel that she will turn things around and repeat history this time as well. The Russian’s victory with a handicap of +4.5 seems to be the priority betting option for this match.


Bet: Handicap (+4.5) Ekaterina Alexandrova

 Odds: 1.83*

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