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Play Teen Patti online in India: 

Teen Patti is a traditional and classic game with its roots in India. You will recognize the similarities between 3 card poker and this game if you have played poker before. You will become an expert after you read this article no matter where you are now

How to play Teen Patti:

There are 3 cards given to each player, and a mandatory boot amount that is contributed by the players. One after another the players take turns raising or calling bets. A striking feature is that the players can decide if they want to play with their cards seen or unseen. At any point in time, the player can opt to see their cards. Unlike most of the poker games, there is no limit to the number of turns, which might occur in a game.

Bets and calls are either made till a prefixed pot limit has been reached (which will force all the players to a shutdown), or till only 2 players are remaining and one amongst them wants a shutdown. Their cards are then compared and a winner is decided. These are the rules and regulations of the traditional game and playing for money can be done by playing online.

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What are hands in Teen Patti:

The hands in Teen Patti are similar to the ones received in video poker and poker. However there is one exception, in Teen Patti, one can make a hand out of 3 cards instead of 5 cards. The knowledge of hands of Teen Patti will elevate and enhance your gameplay even further.

The Hand Ranking rules:

Let us start with the hand ranking in Teen Patti. There are only 6 categories of hands in Teen Patti. It is time to dive in and see which cards you have to get before you have one of the ranking hands.

Trail or set: 

 Set or trail is known as either trio or three of a kind. To have this hand one needs 3 cards of the same value. Three 2’s are the lowest-ranked trail and 3 aces are the highest-ranked trail combination. 

Pure sequence: 

this equals what the players of poker recognize as straight flush. You have this hand if you have 3 cards in a row, with
the same color. The lowest-ranked Pure sequence is 4-3-2 in the same color, and the highest-ranked Pure sequence is Ace-King- Queen in the same color. 

Sequence (Run):

In Teen Patti a straight is named either run or sequence. You must have 3 cards in a row to achieve this hand.
With this kind of sequence, color does not matter. The lowest- ranked sequence is 4-3-2 and the highest-ranked sequence is Ace- King-Queen. 

Color (Flush):


Unlike the other poker variants, the color or flush as it is called in Teen Patti, has a lower value than Straight. For your reference, a Color is 3 cards with the same symbol. The number does not count in achieving the color however, if 2 or more people (including the dealer), the numbers will count as the tie-breaker. The lowest-ranked color is 5-3-2 in the same color and the highest- ranked color is Ace-King-Jack all in the same color. 


Pair (2 of a kind): 
pair is the 2nd easiest hand to get in Teen Patti, and it is ranked 2nd to bottom in its value. To get pair, one has to get 2 cards of the same value. The lowest-ranked pair is 2-2-3 where 3 is the kicker (High-card) and the highest-ranked pair in Teen Patti, is A-A-K where K is the kicker. 

High Card: 
In Teen Patti, this is the lowest-ranked hand. This is the name of the hand you have when all you have is Random numbers. The lowest-ranked high card is 5-4-2 with less than 3 of the same symbol and the highest-ranked high card is A-K-J with less than 3 of the same symbol. 

How Betting Works in online Teen Patti: 

After having observed the rules of Teen Patti, and the probability of hitting card categories, we are now proceeding to another skill in the game. We will now see how betting works in Teen Patti. Both when playing with your family or friends or playing online there’s a betting structure in place. This determines how the game unwinds. And to participate in the game you have to make different types of bets. 

Entry Fee (Ante): 

When playing this game, for every hand dealt you will have to pay an entry fee. This fee is often referred to as the boot amount or ante. This ante can be in the form of a single larger amount that is put down by one player, or an equal amount per player. In the online version, this ante will be an amount per player as all the players are welcome to stand up and leave the table at any time. And the money that you place in ante will tell us how much one can bet at a later point in time. 

Call and Raise (Chaal):  

The dealer goes ahead and deals cards to each of the players at the table after placing your ante in the online Teen Patti. Before making this decision one must know that you are not competing with the other online players (Just the dealer). If you have the confidence of beating the dealer, then you can call and place the same amount of money that you placed as an ante earlier. 

Online Vs Real-Life Betting: 

You will notice that Blind bet and Post bet are not part of how you bet online if you have played real- life Teen Patti before. Before they can re-enter after a break, the post bet is a forced amount a player has to place. A blind bet is the same as ante, which is applicable only in real life Teen Patti. The other difference between online and real-life betting is that one gets to play only against the dealer. 

Where to play Teen Patti online:


In 2019, (the game provider) Ezugi, launched Teen Patti, in the online casino. They collaborated with  the experienced online casinos in the market and only a few got access at an early stage, to the game. One of them was the LeoVegas casino. Today more casinos play Teen Patti because they understand the value of Indian players.


Teen Patti is an easy game to master for all. We saw that there are only six categories of hands that a player can get. The traditional real-life version is similar to the online version of Teen Patti, with the only 2 differences being that you play against the dealer and the betting structure is different.