What Is The Scenario Of The Sports Betting In India When It Comes To The Legality, An Overview :

Sports Betting’s Legal Framework is one of the key parameters on which there has to be a focus on Priority. Moreover, Sports Betting is one of the most common types of Gambling. Furthermore, it is that vent through which the Sports Passionate are able to fetch a lot of Entertainment. Going back to the Throwback, punters used to visit the Land Based Betting Shop. At the same time, it used to be this shop, where they used to place a Bet. Perversely, the scenario these days has changed since people can put the Bet on a given Sporting Event from the comfort of their Nests !!

Are The Gambling Rules And Regulations Proving More And More Liberal ? :

Coming to this fact, yess, off late, there has been a paradigm shift of the Sports Betting towards the more Liberal Gambling Regulatory Frameworks. On one hand, there have been so many countries, wherein, Sports Betting has been legalized. Furthermore, this is only because of the reason that the Shortfalls in the Budget could be controlled and at the same time, it has also been meant to put a ban on the illegal Sports Betting activities. The worst part of the story is that the Sports Betting remains illegal in few countries yet, and India comes definitely in the list of the countries where Sports Betting is yet Blacklisted.

The Strict Laws With Regards To Sports Betting In India :

India respects the Games Of Skills and not the Games Of Luck and Chance. From the point of the Indian Law, the Games of Luck are still now, Cent Percent Illegal.


The Public Gaming Act Of 1867 :

Switching on to this Act, this Act is basically a Legislation which prohibits people from operating in Public Gambling Houses. In case, this Rule is violated, the person would be Fined or Imprisoned. In addition, there is another outdated Law that could be applied to the Legality of Sports Betting and Gambling and that is nothing less than the Prize Competition Act of 1955. Switching on to the main Content of this Act, it mentions that when a person is participating in Competitions that offer prizes of over Rupees 1000 and above is highly Illegal.

What Does The Information Technology Act Of 2000 Mention ? :

Apart from this, there is another Legislation that could apply to the Online Betting and Sports Betting, which is nothing less than the Information Technology Act of 2000. Whether is it a Fair or else Unfair Status is not transparent yet, but, it does not mention clearly on the Online Gambling or else the Sports Betting, but the wisest person needs to understand clearly whether is the Act guiding targeting towards Online Gambling or else Sports Betting or not.

The Additionals :

The Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India gives a specific permission. Moreover, it signals the different States to introduce the Gambling related Laws. Fortunately, it is only Sikkim and Meghalaya wherein, the Sports Betting remains legal. On one hand, in Sikkim, Sports Betting is offered through
Intranet Terminals. On the other hand, I Meghalaya, the Bookies are operated under a License, which is issued in accordance with the Meghalaya Act.

The Other Reasons :

Has India gone SO Smart ? According to the Survey, there are 740 Million Smartphone users in India. At the same time, Cricket is also one of the reasons. It is shocking, but the number of Indian people who bet regularly on Cricket amounts to 140 Million. On one hand, maximum Indians dwell below the
Poverty Line and on the other hand, they make Sports Betting as their Favorite Method to earn.

Concluding Lines :

At this point of time, even to ponder on the fact, whether or not to legalize Sports Betting is undoubtedly not a Wise decision. On one hand, India is already losing Millions of Dollars to Betting Platforms abroad. This is only happening because of the unregulated Sports Betting Market. The worst part of the story is that the Laws are outdated and are not in par with the exact Sports Betting Services.

At the day end, India needs to revamp the Gambling Laws in order to create a safe space for the Punters, but this is unforeseen. However, in case the change is implemented, not only will it favor a Boosting Economy, but also will it change the Economy of the country.