The Recent Story Which Is In Par With Super Bowl, An Overview :

Online Betting augments wagering is the one of the most trending News in the world of Online Gambling/In the global gambling market, sports betting makes up about thirty to forty percent: In the offline and online sports betting world, the numbers are really huge. There are some big betting conglomerates that have lakhs of customers in the world. In the global gambling market, sports betting makes up about thirty to forty percent, which includes poker, casinos, lotteries, and other gaming. Betting is active across all the sports now and newer niches like eSports are growing very fast in betting, viewership, and playe  participation. Here we list the 8 most popular sports to bet on. 

Football (soccer):  

Soccer is the world’s most-played sport so it is number one on the global list. As per reliable sources over one billion pounds is bet on football in the UK every year. Because of the unregulated markets, it is not possible to get accurate figures for the global market. However, with the viewership for big events running into 100s of millions, the actual figure of betting in football must be very high. 

Horse Racing:

this was the most popular sport to bet on. And this sport was synonymous with gambling for the most part of history. It is one of the only sports where we can bet 24/7 around the world. It is a global giant where big prize money comes from big punters and big viewership. Over a hundred Billion euros is the betting amount for horse racing annually. Can you believe Japan is the biggest betting market for horse racing? Australia and UK are not far behind. 


This is the 3rd most popular sport for sports betting globally. The combinations like who would win a set and who would win a game make this sport one of the most sought-after betting sports. And live betting has been the driving factor, in the huge rise in tennis betting. 


Golf has continuously risen as one of the best betting sites the world over. There are seventy-eight players playing this game at any given moment, and given the host of betting formats, it is easy to see why this is a popular game for punters. Some big events run for 3 days and some major events run for 4 days. There are a host of options and opportunities, variable and odd outcomes when compared to other sports. 

NFL (National Football League): 

the USA has legalized online betting and American football will be a big sports betting winner. The Super Bowl and NFL are watched globally and punted on and so the market for betting can always grow from here


This sport has risen through the betting charts, and many new countries are rising through the ranks of this game. The world cup has been the biggest rugby event in the game’s history. There are thirty rugby-playing nations and only twenty of them qualify for the world cup.


This has been another sport that is synonymous with betting in the last few years. It might have been eclipsed by golf, tennis, and football. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is somewhat new however through the history of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), the numbers are swelling. 


The sports market and the fastest growing sport with respect to the betting volume is eSports. The popularity of this sport is pushing bookmakers to quickly adapt or be left behind. It is a known fact that virtual racing has been around for many years, there are other virtual sports that have exploded in popularity in the year 2020. The major bookmakers are offering various eSports match betting. And this rapidly increasing volume is driving revenue across the betting (sports) industry.