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In the below article, we take a look at the betting trends in India for online sports. 

Have India legalized sports betting? 

The gambling industry is not clear-cut in India. However, it is expected that things will change in the near future. Whether gambling is legalized or not, no one can stop it from happening. And hence instead of prohibiting it regulating it will be a wiser option. It is high time the government updates the public gambling act. This act prohibits the construction of gambling sites and land-based casinos. There was no internet then, so obviously, there was no mention of online betting sites. And hence while land-based casinos and bookmakers are only found in Goa and Sikkim, gambling at sports betting sites and online casinos is something that can be done pan India. 

India is witnessing a rise in online sports betting: 

Every year, the sports betting industry in the sub-continent rakes in big bucks, despite the grey area. Many betting sites now have apps and websites which are very easy to be used on smartphones. And moreover many are glad to accept sports betting fans in India, only because they can visualize the potential for profit that is there. All that the Indians need to do is signup with a bookmaker who is outside India, download the app onto their smartphones, and gamble on their favorite sport from anywhere in India

India’s favorite sport is cricket:

Indians love to play, watch and bet on cricket. It is like a religion in India. Any cricketer who is very good in form is treated as God. The IPL is cricket’s most popular event. As per reliable sources, the fans bet fifty to sixty Million dollars per match. And when an IPL match is happening the country comes to a grinding halt to watch the action. Due to the stricter Covid-19 restriction in place, no fan is allowed to enter the stadium, it continues to be a highly enjoyable event and the fans cannot wait for it to begin. And when it comes to online betting for cricket in India, the IPL is the best for making money. And Indians enjoy betting on a variety of cricket.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many cricket matches were postponed. Which means that there is a lot of action waiting to happen. It is indeed tiresome for the players however it is good news for the cricket fans in India and the world because there will be a lot of cricketing action to bet on. With so much cricket waiting to be played, it will be a promising year for online sports books because the more the cricket the more they can bet. 

And then there is horse racing that is not far behind:

This sport is lucrative and has been popular for many centuries in India, and when it comes to betting it is next to cricket. According to estimates, around thirty-five thousand crore rupees are bet every year on horse  racing. The fact that the racing fans can stay at home and still bet on horse racing helps increase the amount of money that is bet on this sport.

There is also betting on Football: 

As a matter of fact, football is the most popular sport in the world. And in India, it is behind cricket and horse racing. When there are no cricket matches to be played, then Indians have no qualms watching ISL (Indian Super League), and the international ones like Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, and the English Premier League (EPL). Which means that the bookmakers who cater to Indians, have to welcome the other leagues in the world, to keep Indian’s happy.