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Welcome to, the best online Roulette in India. Here you will find the best games that you can play for real money. Below you will find the game rules, and some good and popular strategies to begin playing. At Betacular you will find, the best odds or versions of the game.

The betting terms of online Roulette:

1) Corner bets: In corner bets one bets on 4 numbers by placing the chip in the centre of the intersecting lines, in between the 4 numbers. 

2) Line Bets: over here one bets on two rows of three numbers. 

3) Snake bets: when you bet on numbers and if it forms a snake pattern, then it is called Snake bets.

4) Basket Bets: aka first 4 bet. Here you have to place the bets on numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3. 

5) Voisins Du Zero: Over here one can bet on the numbers adjacent to zero on the Roulette wheel. 

6) Orphelins: here one can bet on a selection of numbers, which are located to one another on the Roulette wheel. 

7) Tiers: Tiers will allow you to place bets on twelve numbers between the twenty-seven pocket and thirty-three, which are located on the opposite side of the wheel to zero. 

8) Neighbour bet: The neighbor bet allows one to place a five-piece straight-up bet. One gets to place a chip on each of a given number and  our of its numbers. 

How to play online Roulette: 


Below we will explain to you how to play European Roulette. With the knowledge of these rules, you can play
other online Roulette games easily.  The rules of the game are: Online Roulette is a game, which is played with roulette and a table. There are thirty-seven pockets in the wheel. Thirty-six of those are numbered from one to thirty-six and the remaining pocket is numbered as zero. The pockets from one to thirty-six have an alternate black and red background.


And only the zero pocket has a green background. The zero is the 2.7 percent edge, which the casinos have over their players. Your aim is to guess which pocket the ball will land on. Once you decide what bets to make (like a single number, or  several number or groups), you have to drag the casino chip to the particular file where you would like to place your bets. Now click on the spin button and see where the ball lands. You win if you get it right.

How to place bets:

There are 2 parts on an online roulette table. The outer part and the inner part. One can place a bet on any part. The inside betting has a matrix numbered one to thirty-six. They are in the same color as the corresponding colours on the Roulette wheel. There are many kinds of inside bets.  

The straight-up bet: place the chip on any one number. The pay-out is 35 is to one. 


Split Bet: Place your bets on 2 adjacent numbers. The pay-out is seventeen is to one.

Street Bet: you have to places your chip on three consecutive numbers. The pay-out is eleven is to one.

 Corner bet: you can place your bets on 4 consecutive numbers. The pay-out is eight is to one. 


The Roulette strategies for Indian players are:


This is a progression system. The logic is to place a bet with a given (fixed) value and double up each time you lose to recuperate the losses. The danger here is that one may reach the table limit even before he recoups his losses. 


This is not friendly for beginners. One has to stick to the number of units for each bet irrespective of the outcome.


This is a variation of martingale and one can increase his stakes slowly. So one never runs into the table limit soon. However, it will be tough to recoup the losses you have incurred. 

Play online roulette live:

The action can be streamed in 4K or HD quality. You can interact with the other players and the dealer. The dealer
is in a studio and the action is broadcasted live. Ezugi offers a Namaste Roulette wherein the dealer interacts in Hindi. The dealers are Indians and the studio is adorned with Indian theme colours.