The best times to play poker:

If you are looking for the easiest path to reap profits, then buckle up because this article is just for you. When should you play poker? To play poker online what are the most profitable times? Read on to find out the best times to play online (poker).  

1) Christmas afternoon: 

The bankroll to play online poker is the perfect Christmas gift, that we have seen give out year after year. The family members or friends love to donate some money to their beloved ones, to play their favorite game. Every year shortly after noon, many new accounts pop up trying to take the felt. Some of them are really good and many are new. So at the lower to mid stakes, there are chances to cash in on people who are still getting adjusted to playing online. We are not talking about Christmas Eve, we are talking about Christmas afternoon. And hence most people will be grinders on the felt at these times.  

2) Important holidays:

 on the holidays that fall on Mondays (usually), there is normally a huge spike in the creation of new accounts. Those who don’t have time to play however love to play, leverage these Mondays. It is a good opportunity to get on the felt with the less skilled opponents.  

3) During World Series Of Poker (WSOP):

If you normally play mid to high stakes in poker then, there are chances that many of your opponents go to Vegas each year, for the WSOP. You need to pay attention to these 2 points to get the most out of this tip. 

  • Look at the event schedule: your opponents may play online if there are no good events that fit their profile on a given day. And it could be an ideal situation if there is a popular and lower buy-in event happening that day. 
  • Leverage on poker sites that prohibit players in Nevada: There are many sites, which prevent players living in or visiting Nevada, where WSOP is held. On the contrary, if you stayed at home, these could be like gold mines for the summer. 

4) Weekends and Nights: 

Weekends and nights are arguably the best times to play poker online. The goal of selecting the game is playing in games with recreational players. Normally there are no recreational players online during the day mid-week. These people are generally taking care of their kids or at their day jobs. The reason we see big spikes in traffic at 4 PM, and midnight every day is that when they get off work or have the day off. Moreover one can see the spike in recreational traffic on Saturday and Sunday. 

How this information helps you:  

Build your schedule: 

Play during the recreational player days and hours. Moreover, when it is only grinders, you might want to cut back on the hours you play. 

Track your progress by the date and time: 

Always track your progress. Good poker players track their loses and wins. You must identify the trends like the day of the week, whether it is a holiday, and the month, that help you schedule your sessions better.  

Concluding lines:

The above literature is important to you if you play at sites with a relatively small pool. You might identify the days on which the pros play and defeat you, and you win on other days when they usually do not play. And remember that the key to becoming a profitable poker player is data (hence data is king).