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One of the biggest pitfalls, while playing online poker is losing your cool. Some may lose temper unexpectedly by a defeat. When a player’s decision-making becomes clouded, their full chip stack is compromised all of a sudden. Staying calm and stable in the poker rooms will enhance your winning chances, and make your experience more enjoyable. Read on to find out how to keep your cool while playing poker.

However do not expect too much: 

expecting too soon and too much could be a turn-off sometimes. This might also result in impediment and regret.

Try to enjoy the game:

 in case you hop your head initially for the sake of success, then you are at risk of being shattered and stressed out at the end. According to research, your emotional performance, and state, in the game, depends on your passion for what you are actually doing. So, be engaged with the game with a passion and work on preventing some emotional and psychological problems. If you do not have a passion you might win however you will not enjoy it.

Meditate between games: 

if you play two or three matches a day and if you get anxious then practicing meditation can be a good remedy for your problems. Meditating can be a stress buster and it can be productive and beneficial for the players. This method can improve the player’s focus on the game. And meditating will also help you in rediscovering your inner peace

Channelize your stress (to gain): 

avoiding stress in poker is very important. Stress will haunt you, no matter what. You cannot eradicate it completely however you can try and manage it. Clinging onto your comfort zone is the best way of handling stress. A comfort zone is nothing but a cozy area of your mind, which is full of peace and harmony, and not necessarily a practical place. If you harness stress properly, it will work in your favor. That means that you can convert your tension to a much more favorable emotional situation like rage or anger, which can be utilized as fuel to beat your competitor!

Early recognition is critical: 

in addition to paying attention to other players and your cards, you need to check regularly on yourself. Before snowballing into bigger problems, these emotions manifest themselves as minor annoyances. Hence evaluate your headspace at regular intervals. This will help you stay on the right track.

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Go out and have some fresh air:

 poker sessions can be demanding. If you forget to take breaks for meals and sleep, this will have a negative impact on your mental state. Taking a break and relaxing will  shed the negative energy built up in your body. Always take small breaks while playing, and if needed set an alarm to remind you to relax and take a walk. 

Be happy for your opponent:

if you really begin to be okay when the other player flashes a lucky card to beat you, you will be very tough to throw off the table. In poker games, many people, after suffering a defeat, congratulate their opponent. Irrespective of whether it is taken positively or negatively, it will keep you in a positive mindset. If you do not congratulate the other player then, it is not a mark of good sportsmanship. You will earn some respect also if the others seated see you respecting the game. In this way, you can use that respect to your advantage.

Call it a day: 

At times you might have to leave the table and fight another day, in spite of the best possible step you have taken. For online players walking away from the poker table is easier. Usually, the sole reason for the players’ visit to the casino is to enjoy the game of poker. Leaving the room means a long drive back home or sitting beside your pool for the remaining day. Either way, this is not what we expect from a trip to the casino. And fortunately for online poker players, taking a break is just a click away.

Final thoughts: 

There is nothing like correct or incorrect when it comes to keeping you cool at the poker table. We are all unique and have our weaknesses and strengths. The most important thing is recognition and action. This means that you must pay attention to the warning signs and before it is too late you must take necessary and corrective action.