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A poker player has to be patient and disciplined: 

Bankroll management is very important in playing poker for success. Winning players don’t over extend their bankroll if they cannot afford to lose by playing in higher-stakes games. And undisciplined players eventually go broke. A poker player must be patient and disciplined.

Build your bankroll gradually: 

As a low-stakes player (poker) you have to build your bankroll gradually with consistent and small gains instead of one big win. The opportunity for huge short-term gains and the big prize pools look appealing. However, being a winning player (poker) is measured over the long term.

The 2% rule: 

A good thumb rule is to commit only 2 percent of your bankroll to a single table tournament at any given time. Poker’s important instincts are survival and strictly managing your bankroll (which is important because to play another game you have to survive another day). Investing only 2 percent seems tight and passive. However in reality it is a fail-safe way of saving yourself against any gambling uncertainties. Never exhaust your money hoping for a sizeable score

Things to remember about bankroll management:

You need a balance of at least fifty times, the limit you wish to play

Poker is all about survival and bankroll management is an essential means of survival 

It is suggested that one increases their bankroll gradually than winning a huge prize.

Always commit only two percent of your bankroll to any game.

Setting your goals is part of the game: 

Set your goals and stick to them. This is important for being successful in playing poker. The key to consistent profits is keeping a track of where you are after every game and analyzing where you want to be after the next is the only key to making profits. By adopting these methods you become a successful player.

 Make a plan to build your reserves (cash):

It will befit you, to approach this as much as you can, saving for any other expense. Sometime in the past, most of us were required to set up a strong financial plan. The plan may range from taking a vacation to the task of retirement planning. If there is no plan in the right place, it will be tough to achieve your financial goals. You cannot expect to retire with the small amount of money gained through poker, nor deposit some money in your gambling account every month and hope your bankroll (poker) to attain its maximum potential. 

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Welcome bigger stakes:

This may sound counter-intuitive. How does increasing your liabilities inflate your bankroll? The primary reason is that you can expect more returns. However, if you are struggling to win on the lower-stakes tables, then this approach will have the opposite effect. If you are winning on the lower stake games, consistently, then you can experiment with the bigger stakes. You can see much better winnings than previously when you utilize the skills from the poker table to move up. 

 Play in good games only:

This is poker advice and moreover it helps grow your bankroll. Always find games where there are opportunities to make some good money. If you observe well you may find some local cash games, where there are weaker players, who are ready to part ways with their money. Try and do anything to be a part of such a group. Quite often you have to make rounds in the poker room, to see which games give you a good chance to make a profit.

Play low-stakes games:

By now you will understand that playing low stake games will boost your poker bankroll. The fish will be one of the lower stakes games so as to find players on par with their level or below. It is ok that you will play on smaller pots than the higher-level games. However here the idea is to win more often. For instance, consider there are two pies before you. One pie is larger however, you are allowed only 1 slice. And the 2nd pie is smaller, but you earn a majority of the pie. Which one do you opt for? The smaller pie. Because it provides you more in the long run.

Believe in yourself: 

To be a successful poker player you have to believe in yourself. When you have the confidence to step out and take a chance you will be a formidable opponent. When you have false confidence then it will be disastrous. On the other hand, when you have done your homework and are prepared for the game, then and only then, you feel like you belong. By believing in yourself, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The sweat that has gone in, will pay you returns when you accumulate cash from the poker table


 The above tips will boost your poker bankroll, and attaining your goals will be a reality. And to be able to stay in the fight will separate the winners from the rest. And as the last word, poker is perhaps the most fantastic game ever created. You will be surely rewarded for your hard work and your efforts in accumulating your bankroll.