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Below are the rules for you to look at.

The players have 5 betting rounds known as opening, fourth, fifth, and Sixth Street, then followed by the river. In the other versions of the game, there are 2 hole cards, which are visible only to you. And the community cards form the rest. The opening round awards its players 1 face-up card and 2 face-down cards.

The next round from the fourth, fifth, and Sixth Streets are dealt face up. And the river comes down as the face-down card. This produces 7 cards with 3 of them face down and 4 are face up. Here in this game, positioning does not matter. You may be the dealer or not, and the button rotates however, it may stay the same exactly.  

So who wins a 7 card stud game?

 After going through the rules you may be wondering who may win this game. The 3rd, 4th and the 5th streets will be rounds of suspense and action. Because the players try to guess what the others face-down card holds. Normally the ranking of cards remains unchanged. Like the poker games, the cards’ hierarchy is the same. You have the royal flush as the number one hand and slowly progress towards the weaker ones. To win here, you need to combine 2 of your cards with community cards.

How to place a bet in a seven-card stud? 

Here you start by calling, raising, and folding till the limit has reached. After you cap the bets you can call or fold. 

The seven-card stud strategy: 

the strategy tips help you to top the leader boards, and compete with other players (in person), at land-based tournaments. There is enough information that you can use to pinpoint the odds, of success (with consistency).

1) What cards should you play: 

for beginners, one must know what starting hands are worth keeping. Normally there is a consensus (among the players) that might not be true for all the situations. However, you might want to keep 3 of a kind, or Broadway suited cards, connectors, and big and medium pairs. 

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2) Learn to read your opponents: 

it is important that you have the ability to read players in a game of stud. You can look for tell-tale signs based on which you can calibrate your strategy in the game. And reading an opponent at 7 card stud is tough. Always focus on players who are hectic about betting. You can lean on such players and exploit them. Entice them to raise the bets, add to the pot, and make them call you at every step. Never underestimate your opponents only then you can make good progress in your game. 

3) Pay more attention to what cards are burned: 

Now to improve your odds of winning, you might collect all information available. Hence paying attention to discarded cards will provide you with more information to act upon. All said and done, you are aiming for a hand, which might not be feasible after you see a few cards burned.


4) Play your trips and pocket pairs: 

this game invites you to play 3 of a kind and pocket pairs to the maximum without trying to muck up their value by playing too timidly or overplaying your hand. Every player has his style however, no semi-advanced seven-card Poker expert will miss out on a trip or a pair. In essence, you do not want to hide your weakness because this game is all about acting on information than speculation (as the other poker variants).

5) Read the table: 

this is crucial in this game. You have to make sure that you are playing in the most optimal way. So you have to pay attention. Pay attention to discarded cards. See what your opponent is going for. With all the information, this game may seem a bit challenging at first. Here the players have an advantage because they have a lot of information from each face-up card, bet, or call. However, there will still be some blind spots because of some hidden variables.

To not bluff or bluff in 7 card stud? 

The process of bluffing is not new to poker. And this game also has bluffing, which should be taken with a pinch of salt. This game leaves the players fully exposed to others. You can always bluff with some degree of success. For instance, if you know that no Aces were burned and your kicker is an ace, then you can bluff. You cannot bluff when if none of your hole cards is an ace, and all your opponents have Faces up Aces.

7 card stud strategy for newbies:

Are you new to 7 card stud? You have to embark on a new journey in poker where luck plays a role, and the ability to leverage your hand decides success or failure. Irrespective of the casino where you are playing, there are some strategies that can help you in the initial stages. You are not obliged to make obligatory wagers, by raising or calling. Develop awareness by memorizing the cards being discarded.

They are equally important as face-up cards. This way you can call the bluffs and act on your own card knowing whether a hand is not coming or coming. The next tip is to play your high card hands fearlessly. What matters is if your hand is best which anyone can put together in this round. And lastly one needs to bluff.