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Placing some friendly bets on games, snowballed into scandals and major gambling schemes in the last decade. Some schemes that are drawn by team executives, players, and bookies, shock the world of sport with each scandal being revealed. Gambling affects sports in more ways than one, from deterring the fan support to causing serious disruption from the games that were blown. 

The gambling scandals of NFL: 

Fans believe that the match referees are paid to make poor calls on purpose, make poor penalty decisions, and to miss calls. The Gambling schemes in NFL are quite frequent. The pressure on players to either win or lose is tremendous and obstructs their performance because they take a toll on their performance by subjecting them to stress and worry.

NCAA Points shaving schemes: 

Points shaving scandals are widespread in basketball played in colleges. The first scandal that was exposed was at the City College of New York, in 1951. It is much easier for the schemes to happen in the college system because they struggle for financial support and are easily tempted with gifts or cash.

online sports betting site

Turmoil at the horse racing track: 

Another area where gambling is widespread is horse racing. Many jockeys are approached to throw off the style of running or its gait, to impact the outcome of the race. And with this, a horse that has a good track record loses, and causes huge losses, for those who bet on that winning horse. 

Students are targets: 

The students (athletes) are also one of the biggest targets for points shavings schemes. The students are somewhat poor and are easily bribed. For instance, an Arizona State University student was paid eighty thousand US dollars to lose 4 games. Moreover, this gambling ring used the Las Vegas casinos to place their bets. The casinos were smart enough to catch them. And they were sentenced to jail. 

Gambling impacts the future of players: 

When students are involved in several gambling schemes, their future, and sports career is subjected to risk. It can affect their life because some charges are of felony status. Felony convictions affect a person’s ability to work in some industries, live in certain communities, get a loan, or rent or buy a home. 

How gambling affects society: 

Gambling in sports affects society in more ways than one. Just because sports gambling is banned in the USA, fully understanding the economic effects is a bit difficult. Gambling causes addiction to anyone and as a result, they lose their homes and are devastated. 


It is a known fact that sports gambling affects the impression of a game from society’s point of view. There are cases when top athletes ruin a game deliberately. It is not a matter of the level, like college or professional, these scandals and schemes happen every tournament and season. Some have evaded the law and are lucky. But it won’t be long before they get exposed!


online sports betting site