Below you can find the best and most profitable betting markets, which you can play, in football betting. 

1) Correct score market:

This market is the most profitable in football betting. This market gives us a better chance, to make a correct prediction about the outcome of a football game. If you are hundred percent sure of the outcome of a match then only place your bet. Given the fact that football is very unpredictable, be it predicting the outcome of a fixture, however, if you are successful then it can be a big hit.  

2) Full time / Half time market:

Here the player has to bet on exact scores in the half time and full-time games. In other words, the player has to guess the half-time and full-time outcomes of a football match. Before doing that you have to be well informed and you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the players and the teams and their match history.  

3) Win to nil market:

This is also quite important in football betting. Here the player has to select a team that will win and the team which loses without scoring a goal. This leads to better odds.  

4) The Asian handicap:

Here the punter adds a deficit to one side of the game, say 1.5 goals. And later this will be computed with the outcome (overall) of the game. This waives draws. There is a possibility of some good returns however the stakes may vary across various platforms. 


5) The first goal scorer:

This is a sure way to make money in betting in football. Here one has to predict the player who scores the first goal of the match. No bearing is placed on other goal scorers and the total number of goals scored in the match. This betting is not guaranteed however it can yield good returns.  

6) Draw No Bet (DNB):

This market is highly lucrative and secure. You have to bet on a particular team and if they win you will be suitably rewarded. Your money is lost if you lose. Your money will be refunded if the match ends when no team scores a goal.  


Football is a popular game all over the world. Hence it is the most profitable sport to bet on. You need to know the most profitable markets to go for if you want to make it big on this platform. For a beginner who does not want to take the advice of veterans, then it is advised that you understand and study the profitable betting markets in the world (of football betting) before stepping into football betting.