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The Brief Glimpse On The Soccer Match Which Is Ought To Happen, An Overview :

Seattle Sounders versus Leon Soccer Match Prediction is all about the Soccer Match which is ought to happen on the 9th of March, 2022 at 08 : 30 AM. Moreover, BETACULAR has made it a point to filter out all the mandatory Statistical data which could affect the Betting Process in one or the other way.

The Throwback To The Past Results :

On one hand, the Seattle Sounders Team emerged invincible in 0 matches. Furthermore, this had happened when both the Teams had played a match against each other. Perversely, the rival Club, Leon was stronger than 1 Times. At the same time, the Zero Team Meetings was unable to identify a single Winner. Apart from this, for all the Personal Meetings, the Teams had scored each other by 2-2. It also needs to be kept in mind that the last time when the Two Teams had played was on the 23rd of September 2021.  Furthermore, the meeting ended with Score of 2:3.

The Differences Of Seattle Sounders From Leon With Regards To The Betting Tips :

On One hand, Seattle Sounders has not lost at all in each of the Six CONCACAF CL Home Games. However, Leon has also not lost in each of their last Six Games. Coming to the second point of difference, the Seattle Sounders has also not got defeated in each of their last Six CONCACAF CL Home Games. Switching on to Leon, it did win by a Shutout. Furthermore, that happened in it’s last Three away Games.

Adding to the facts, Seattle Sounders has not won in 13 of the last 14 Games. Once again, coming to Leon, it plays the Second half in a Draw in Seven of the Last Eight Games. Moving on to the next differentiating parameter, Seattle Sounders scored only in the Second Half of each of the last Six CONCACAF CL Home Games, whereas, Leon has scored the Best in Eight of the last Nine Away Games.

Football betting sitea

In addition, when coming to the next differentiating parameter, Seattle Sounders has fetched less than 2.5 Goals in Five of the last Six CONCACAF CL Games. However, the worst part of the story with Leon is that the Team has not conceded in each of their Last Four Games.  Apart from this, one of the most Catchy parameter with Seattle Sounders is that it has fetched less than 1.5 Goals in 13 Games. Moreover, these 13 are those out of the 14 Games. Compared to Seattle Sounders, Leon has fetched less than 3.5 Goals in each of the last Six in the CONCACAF CL Games.

Concluding Lines :

Based on the Statistical Analysis of both the Teams, it is expected that both the Teams would be witnessing probably an exuberant Match, however possessing lots of struggles. At the same time, it needs to be kept in mind that it is a tedious task to hunt the right Bet for such Games. At the baseline, the only reason behind this is that the Clubs could have created a type of Sensation. 

Bet On Match : Seattle Sounders Versus Leon

Bet : Win Seattle Sounders

Odds : 2.6*

Football betting sitea