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Prediction for the match between Sassuolo and Spezia on March 18, 2022:

Prediction for Sassuolo vs. Spezia. The 30th round of the Italian championship will begin with an intriguing duel between two powerful middle peasants. And, at first inspection, the match has an unquestionable favourite.


In recent years, the clubs have settled their differences five times: three times for Sassuolo and once for Spezia. Another duel ended. It is easy to guess.


Sassuolo (Italy)

They’ve lost the first half in five of their previous six Serie A home games. They had found the back of the net in 12 of the past 13 home games. In 7 of the previous 8 Serie A home games, he has scored in the second half. Seems to let up goals in 23 of the previous 25 games. In 5 of the previous 6 Serie A home games, the team has conceded in the first half. In the previous 11 Serie A home games, he has both scored and conceded. Football Betting Sites.

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Spezia (Italy)

They’ve let up goals in 25 of their last 27 away games.


Sassuolo made an incredible move that propelled him back to the top of the rankings. The Black-Greens have long forgotten what it’s like to lose, and everything points to them not slowing down until the very end of the season. In offensive, the squad appears to be very strong. Gianluca Scamaccia has an uncanny knack for scoring goals. Domenico Berardi, in particular, provides a significant contribution to the common good. In defence, Alessio Dionisi’s wards have some issues now and then, but that’s not a problem.


Spezia slowed down at a critical juncture. But, the victory over Cagliari in the previous round had a significant impact on the picture (2-0). Because of this victory, the team is no longer in danger of relegation, implying that most of the job has been completed. Now is the time to ensure that the squad continues to grow, since this will ensure that it does not get downgraded in class.


They should fight this battle in the open. Opponents don’t like to defend themselves, we don’t expect anyone to be closed off this time. Total more is the most sensible option in the current scenario.

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Bet: Total Over(3)

Odds: 1.95*

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