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Below are the top 10 tips for betting in football like an expert.

1) Sure bets in online sports betting exchanges:

The online sports betting exchanges are normally a good football betting tip, due to the fact that there are higher odds here. At Betfair, there are large fluctuations in odds which lead to the perfect terrain for value and even sure bets! The football online betting tip requires the user to place live bets and starts the moment the goal is scored. And if at the end of the first half the bettor realizes that no more goals will be scored, then he can rely on less than 2.5 goals.

2) Bet against the favorites: 

Why bookmakers never commit themselves, a high number of bets on an event cause a risk to the provider of betting. Just because betting on favorites is popular, the bookmakers try to balance the ratio of tips, with high odds (underdog). Hence it is always advisable to choose outsiders and this is the best football betting trick.

3) The long-term bets are always promising: 

The pro with long-term bets is the huge odds. As this area is a bit small one can find mistakes by bookmakers. And the probabilities are hard to decide over longer periods. And hence it is recommended that you contemplate a long-term bet quite often. Football Betting Sites.

4) The single bets comparison: 

This applies to those who are not averse to big stakes and are looking for a safe win. One chooses six games, all having the same odds for the favorite (around 1.5). Some analyses of the below criteria are required.

The favorite’s consistency – does the player perform well in all the games?

  • Is the outsider good for startles often?
  • Are the teams complete or not?
  • Is there any factor (psychological) like a change of coach which might play an important role?

After comparing all the 6 games, you will know which game is the safest. This tactic needs more experience so the beginners should be more careful.

5) Betting on a tie:

The fact that betting on a tie is a lot to be gained is seldom practiced. The draws have odds over three however, they fall quite often than you might expect. Given below are two tricks for betting on a tie.

  • Choose a team: It is not bad to be wrong, as the odds are quite high, to choose a team and bet the exact amount on a tie every game day. If the team which you select does not tie a draw in the 1st game, wait for the 2nd game. And if there is no draw in the second game you get your money back.
  • Always bet on the draw: make it a point to bet the same amount for each game in the league. For instance, if there are 3 draws in 9 games, and if you happen to bet $3 on each game, so you will end up with $9. And mind you, three draws per game is a common sight.

6) Estimate the odds: 

Analyses are important here. You intensely deal with the votes for the games in the run-up to the bet. Never bet on a game that does not provide you with the necessary information. Based upon your knowledge you can create odds and compare them with that of your bookmakers. You bet on the game for which the bookmakers offer higher odds than you calculated.

7) Never bet on special bets: 

Do not bet on special bets until you have enough money to bribe the players on a large scale. Tactics do not work and fun bets are based purely on luck.

8) Combination bets with favorites – the football betting trick:

The fact that when there are multi bets, many events are linked together, is not popular among the professionals involved in sports betting. This is because luck is required here. Betting on your favorites is the only type of combination bet which promises more security. Given below is an odds example of the football betting trick.

Frankfurt loses to Bayern: 1.52

  • Victory Dortmund against Hamburg: 1.92

The blend of these 2 bets gives us a rate of 2.92. This is better and also not risky.

9) Under and over bets: 

There is an option to tip under or over 2.5 goals on each platform. If you analyse trustworthy statistics of over ten thousand football matches, you will see that there are 2.8 goals per game on average, which is above 2.5. One cannot bet on all ten games, however, there is a football betting tip that you can use to beat this (statistical) evidence to success.

First of all, with regards to the goals scored, analyse the tables of various leagues. You are right if there are many hits. So, all that you need now is the right game. After analysing direct comparisons and their last games, now choose a squad that hits more goals. This way it should be possible to give a somewhat safe tip.

10) Always make it a point to bet on late goals: 

It is a trend that the last goals are scored in the last quarter of an hour. This can be attributed to the fact that the outsider loses strength and concedes a goal. You can expect the odds of 2.0 for the bet, the last goal will be scored between the seventy-sixth and the ninetieth minute.