IPL is a very popular sport among bettors: 

IPL is a seven-week T20 tournament for which there are viewers all over the world. This has been extremely popular among bettors. There are some big teams participating in this tournament (8 teams). There is a lot of winning potential for the bettors. If you are a diehard fan and know everything about betting then it is ok however, if you are a novice then this literature will help you. First of all, let us discuss IPL.  

What is IPL?:

IPL is a tournament of 8 teams, which represent 8 cities in India. Compared to the other cricket tournaments, this is somewhat new. It was established in the year 2008. In spite of its relatively new inception, this sport has become one of the most-watched competitions the world over. The IPL is played in a double round-robin format, wherein every team plays twice with its opponent, one on its home turf and the other, away from the home ground. Go through the following literature for some IPL betting tips so that you embark on the journey of betting.  

1) Set aside some money:

before you actually start betting, you must plan your budget (that is the amount you can risk). When you play online you have to deposit funds much before you start. Hence you should know your limit so that your bank account is not compromised.  

2) Take a look at the IPL betting odds:

Now that you have chosen your budget, you have to go through the odds of the IPL games you want to place your bet on. For this, you have to be familiar with the win probabilities or odds of different games.  

3) Know about the teams which are participating: 

IPL betting involves determination and skill. And before you bet on any player or team you should do your groundwork. For this reason, go through the statistics of players and teams. This way you can confidently start betting. You can easily foretell. If you do not do proper research, like focusing on weaknesses and strengths and the players’ previous performance then you will have to start guessing, which might cost you a lot! 

4) Always lookout for players who are skilled: 

In IPL, there is a gamut of skilled players, on whom you can place your bet. Make sure you know at least the top performers, like Virat Kohli, Ab De Villiers, and Josh Butler to name a few, with this information you can place profitable bets.  

5) Leverage the advantage of IPL Live Betting: 

Live betting means that you can also place a bet in between a match. With this live betting, you can increase your chances of winning, exponentially. In Live betting, you can also cash out (you need not wait till the end of the match), and make the most of the profit. Here all you need is to make right and quick decisions to win big. You have to follow the match very keenly (typically ball to ball). However, it must be remembered that the more the chances of winning big, the more the chances of making huge losses.  


IPL is definitely a unique and fun tournament that brings along with it many opportunities to make a profit. Right from predicting the winner of the toss, the total number of wide balls, match-winner, total ducks, total runs, total wickets, and the 1st wicket-taker, there are different betting options in this IPL betting. You can select your option and do remember to carry out your research and give your best in your betting journey.