If you compare digital games and live dealer games, then live dealer games will win hands down: 

The live casino games are making card games and digital table games obsolete. However, digital games will surely be around for a while. If you compare digital games and live dealer games, then live dealer games will win hands down. Read the article to find out the live dealer games to play now.  

Mega ball:

Until 2020 there were Bingo and lotto games from live dealers. And there was nothing like a mega ball. 

The highlights: 

  • This is a fifty-one-ball live keno game. In total, the dealer draws 20 balls.
  • Per draw, one can buy two hundred cards. As you match numbers and make winning patterns, they will automatically arrange themselves on the screen. 
  • 1,000,000x is the top pay-out in live Mega Ball.
  • It will have a multiplier between 5x and 10x if you happen to catch the last ball
  • A second Mega Ball can be activated if you are lucky enough. In that case, you get to win the 2nd multiplier. You might notice that this is not exactly keno, because most Keno games have eighty balls. However, it works in the same way.  

Crazy time:

There are many bonus rounds here: 

Highlights of this game:

  • This game is hosted in a bright and colourful studio, with friendly and professional game hosts. 
  • Here you can bet on 4 positions – One, two, five, or ten. And if the wheel pointer lands on these segments, you can win that multiplier.
  • There are 4 bonus features, and you can bet on them, and if the pointer happens to land on them, you get to enter the feature.
  • You will bet on a coin toss in the Flip-o-Matic feature. And depending on how the coin flip turns out, you can win the multiplier linked to either Blue or Red.
  • A hundred and eight multiplier values, will hide behind icons and shuffle on the screen in the Cash Hunt feature. You will reveal one of the multipliers when you shoot at the screen. 
  • In Crazy Time there is a live Pachinko bonus round. You can always win multipliers of up to ten thousand times your wager. 
  • And there is this Crazy Time feature. This is nothing but the main event. Situated in a special studio, it is a second bonus wheel. If you are lucky in the Crazy Time feature, you can win up to 20,000x.  

Live casino craps: 

Here are the highlights:

  • Styled as a Chicago speakeasy, in the prohibition era, this game is set in a red-brick underground studio.
  • From when the betting window opens, to when the mechanical shooter rolls the dice, each roll takes approximately thirty seconds. 
  • You can place both multi-roll and one roll bets. The former could take multiple rolls to settle while the latter is resolved in a single roll. 
  • To teach you craps there is an in-game tutorial and if you want to keep it simple you can always switch the game to easy mode. 
  • In the background, there is a dynamic statistics board. Through this, we can see how the players are betting. 

Live Deal or no Deal: 

Highlights of the game:

  • This is set in a futuristic studio and is a fast-paced game. Hence there is no time to interact with the live dealer and it is a game show environment. 
  • There are 3 stages to this game. Initially, one plays in the qualifying round, then stuff your briefcases with money, and then play the main game. 
  • In the qualifying round, you get to spin the plates on a vault door so as to align them. You can enter the next stage if you succeed. 
  • You will be given a chance to stuff extra cash into the briefcases when you pass the qualifying round. The more you stuff, the bigger the prizes will be when you reach the main game. 
  • And just as in the game show, one by one you will eliminate the briefcases, and to make you offers at various points in the game the banker will call you. 
  • In the last when only 2 briefcases remain, you will be made a final offer by the banker. It then depends on you if you will go for the deal or risk it.  

Lightning Roulette:  

Below are the important facts:

  • There are many HD cameras and a good and friendly live dealer and it is set in a modern game studio.
  • In this game, it is safe to make straight bets rather than usual roulette bets.
  • When the betting window closes, the Random number generator selects up to 5 numbers and the multipliers will be associated with them. These can be worth up to 500 times. 
  • And to nullify the cost of these multipliers the standard straight bets pay thirty: one. Usually, they pay thirty-five: one.  

Conclusion (selecting the best casino to play):  

Below are the tips:

  • Always ensure that you are eligible to play (from your country). 
  • Does the casino offer the games you are interested in?
  • Do the betting limits at the dealer tables match your betting limits? 
  • Does the casino offer the payment methods you are using? 
  • And check if they offer a live casino bonus. Because some casinos prohibit bonuses in terms and conditions.