Squeeze money from the casino account:

The online bonus gives a hundred percent match, up to five hundred dollars on your 1st deposit as a new player. The bonus is the gambling industry’s marketing tool to lure new players. And do check out the following presentation to squeeze out every possible cent from your casino account.  

1) Before the second deposit always check for reload bonus codes:

After you have exhausted the money that you have deposited as a first bonus, you deposit a second bonus. And after you initiate the transaction you find the Reload option at the bottom of the page. Whenever you place an additional deposit, the casino offers subsequent bonuses. To receive all the money make sure that you check out the site’s promotions page, to understand the various Reload bonus offers.  

2) Refer a friend and take advantage of it:

Today’s online casinos recognize the power of word-of-mouth recommendations. When the existing player is happy with the service or product, they spread the word to like-minded gamblers. A particular operator, offers a two hundred percent match (to the person who refers) up to a hundred dollars, on the first deposit of the referral. So just imagine if you refer ten players then you have earned an extra thousand dollars in bonus. And if your referral opts to pay through Bitcoin, then your bonus will double.  

3) Use crypto currencies to make deposits:

Bitcoin has taken the iGaming industry by storm, recently. Even the regulated and respected Casino operators are engaged in a cold war with credit card companies and banks. You want to spend your hard-earned money on gambling, and whenever the bank intervenes, the casino is losing a potential customer. This is where Bitcoin comes into play. There are no middlemen involved here. It is just between you and the casino. For this reason, for the Bitcoin deposit, the players will notice a stream of tempting offers.  

4) Remember to check your rewards points balance to redeem: 

In any physical casino, it is a fantastic way to score points, which can be redeemed for deals and discounts when using your Player’s Club card. As for the online casinos, every new account is linked with the operators’ Player’s Club program. So this means that every bet that you place, will instantly start generating points. Many online casinos use a dashboard screen, to display your total points. After you have incurred substantial points, you can then redeem them for an instant bonus. 

5) Keep your account at zero balance until you are invited back:

These accounts are called dormant accounts by the operators. Once you are a willing player, by making some wagers and playing games, the casino considers you to be regular. However when you have exhausted your balance, then operators spring into action. They will surely include some generous bonus offers, to bring you back.  

6) Play on different online casinos simultaneously:

Maintain different accounts across many platforms. The idea here is to get bonus money from each site, so practically you are recouping a larger pot of funds. If your balance on one account goes broke, then play on other sites and let it be dormant. Soon the operator will reach out to you and offer huge bonuses in hope of retaining you.  

Final thoughts:

When you are gambling with the casino, they have the upper edge. However, you will not be a favorite on the machines or tables, the bonuses have an opportunity to level the field. In the physical casinos, the winners are those who play well and shrewdly hunt for rebates. The same also holds good for online gambling. Hence the bottom line is that take full advantage of the bonus you can find.