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The pleasant news is that the strategies, which the casinos want to avoid, are completely legal and they can help you win.

Using Hole card data:

what should you do when you see the card that the dealer places face down, in front of her is a king when you are playing blackjack? You need the information you have when you play your hand you have to make the most profitable decision. The odds favor busting the dealer and should you take another card, you bust before the dealer plays. In case the casino has not invested adequate money and time in training its dealers not to give you the extra information, then that casino (deserves) to lose some money. And always remember to use hole card data when you see it and also watch for it whenever you are playing at a casino that is dealt with by a dealer.

Blackjack card counting: 

every casino on the earth wants you to know that counting cards are illegal. The reason behind this is that the casinos know that the players who can count cards can always beat the casino. Before you count cards you have to closely examine the laws, better be safe instead of sorry. Almost all the casinos in the US allow counting cards. The only exception to this is the tribal casino. And if the casino knows you are counting the cards they can ask you to leave.

 Middling sports betting: 

This is not common however if you track the lines they set at a large number of sportsbooks (online), then you can find middling opportunities. Middling means to bet on both sides of the game with totally different lines. An example will make it clear. 

You then place a bet of eleven dollars to win ten dollars on the Bills and give you 2 and a half points in the first book. And then place an eleven-dollar bet to win ten dollars on the Jets, thereby getting three and a half points in the 2nd book. You win both sides of the bet at a profit of twenty dollars. So you are not committing any offense when you place bets with the sportsbooks with the lines they set.

Hunting for Bonus: 

just in case you visited a website about gambling or even played at an online casino. Then you are aware of the fact that online casinos offer a generous bonus to see that the players signup and make a deposit. The bonuses do not help you win. The key to hunting for a bonus for a profit is there in the terms of the bonus. You must look for a bonus, to cash out after satisfying the terms. And you have to find a bonus with terms which you can clear before you forfeit the complete bonus amount. When you discover a bonus, which meets these 2 requirements you must play a low house game, so that you get to pay the bonus and cash out your profits.

Play a poker game with the losers: 

imagine the aftermath if you invited only the worst poker players to your game. Do you think you can make money? The answer is yes. You can make a profit. It is definitely ethical to invite losers to play poker. In fact, it is their decision, and not all poker players want to win always. The only issue with arranging a game of poker is not a question of ethics. You can play poker legally as long as you are not seizing the stakes.


it does not matter what the casinos say, the above 5 strategies are perfectly legal. And they can even make you win when you gamble.