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It is a fantastic way to play craps for the players to play their favorite game when going to the casino is impossible. In this article, we shall go through the top seven misconceptions that the online craps players suffer. And we also differentiate facts from fiction. 

What are online craps: 

a game of gambling in which 2 dices are used. If seven or eleven is thrown first the player wins the bet. And the player loses if two, three, or twelve is thrown. And if any other number is thrown then, to win a bet, it must be repeated before a seven is thrown.

What is house edge:

this is a term used to describe the mathematical advantage that the game of gambling, and hence the
commercial gambling venue, has over the player as he plays over time. The casinos have a built-in advantage in all its games. The casinos do not defeat the players because they are lucky, but because the odds are stacked in their favor.

House edge is nothing but this built-in advantage.

The House edge tells us how much the games pay out on averageover their lifespan.

Also, house edge is the percentage or amount of money a casino keeps after paying out its successful players. It is the casino’s profit margin. It is how land-based gaming venues and online casinos make their money. The house edge varies from machine to machine, game to game, and casino to casino.

What is Comp: 

The word comp is an abbreviation for “complimentary.” In gambling, complimentary is free stuff, which you get from casinos and other gambling companies to encourage you to gamble with them. Normally, you get complimentary based on how much you’re gambling.

You will win more playing craps online: 

most online casino games give their players a much better chance to win by diminishing the house edge factor (by increasing the advantage in favour of the player). The online slot machines, blackjack, and roulette have better rules than the traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. You will surely not win more by playing craps online, however, you can play for longer and lose less by leveraging the low minimum bets. 

Higher risk means more rewards: 

one of the wrong notions that online craps players have is that taking more risks will yield more returns. This is false. Irrespective of the fact that you are playing in a land- based casino or you are playing craps online, taking more risks puts you in danger of losing. Since there is anonymity in online casinos, the players will definitely feel more comfortable betting against the shooter because

they lose a sense of community. Always mitigate your losses and take a conservative approach.

You will never learn by playing online: 

the misconception that one cannot learn craps by playing online needs to be dispelled. To learn any game in the casino one has to play online Casino. Moreover, the game highlights all the available bets. This makes knowing where to look, pretty straightforward. Playing online craps is an excellent way to learn the game. In many casinos you do not have to spend a rupee, they have free versions to play online.

Online craps are not entertaining: 

the chaotic scene at a casino craps table is the unique selling point for the casino gamblers. It is short-sighted to say that the online version of the game lacks entertainment value. There are many exciting features from the online version of craps. And perhaps the online craps are not as exciting as live craps games. However, it is extremely entertaining. 

By playing online craps one will get cheated:

 it is funny that we are still having the conversation about whether or not online casinos can be trusted. Still, there are many players who do not want to play online for the fear of being hoodwinked. Cheating does not make sense because the moment the players sit down to play, the casino has won. It is ensured that the casinos cannot lose. Hence the concept of cheating does not make sense. The random number generators (RNG) are used by online craps games to churn out the results. And the random number generators are programmed to imitate the odds of live craps games down to the numbers (exact). If you want to find trustworthy sites, do your research to guide you in the correct direction.

Bonus cash will slide the edge in the favour of players: 

The online casinos are known for giving deposit bonuses (generously), to the returning and new customers. They are not a guaranteed path to profitability however, they increase the life of a gambler’s bankroll. That means that if the player deposits three hundred dollars, the casino is obliged enough to match the player’s money. If the player wants to withdraw the deposit, he must meet the minimum wagering requirements. The online bonuses will give you a much better chance of leaving the casino with a good profit margin. And it will never slide the house edge to the player’s favour. 

The online players get more complimentary than Brick and Mortar players:

 Another common misconception about online craps is that the players earn more comp rates in the online casinos. The opposite is the case with Brick and Mortar casinos, almost doubling the craps players’ complimentary rates. Most online casinos will award only 0.05 percent. In the worst case, the online casinos will not offer complimentary to craps players. That is not a huge deterrent for the online craps players. However, if you are looking for complimentary then you should either find another game or stick to land-based casinos.