Top 10 Strategies In Sports Betting:

We explain to you what to look out for and how to place sports bets with the correct strategy. We present you the most promising and the best strategies, for maximizing your betting profits over a period of time.

What is even money? Odds that offer an equal chance of losing or winning, and the amount won is exactly the same as the stake.

What is Overround? It is used when the betting percentage of a market is more than a hundred percent. And hence gives an advantage to the sportsbook. This Overround is there in all of the betting markets.

What is over/under bets? This is a bet in which the total goals specified in your bet are less or more than the actual number of goals scored in the match.

1) Betacular:

They have a lot of experience in online betting. For the convenience of users, information about sports betting, market makers for betting exchanges, social games, and mobile apps have been built. Our top priority is finding the best betting sites with high odds. And this site compares the highest odds of the games, whether you are totally new to sports betting or an expert sports punter. You will have a good selection of withdrawal options and deposit methods to choose from, and we give a model of how the game evolves, with the various withdrawal and deposit options. They also take the strictest security measures to protect their users from unauthorized access of important information.

2) All-in on odds 1.2 strategy:

opposing to the definition of low odds, this word is used to imply something which has a great chance of coming true. The low means that even if you are successful you will not get a good or a high return. And to allay any confusion the word short is used in the place of low. In case you are betting on low odds (say between 1.2 and 1.4) you will not get a good return, compared to your stake from your outcome.

3) The 1-3-2-6 system:

Like the other systems, this system does not change the house edge, the casino advantage, in the long run. Just by altering the way losses and wins are experienced in the short term, you stand a good chance of leaving with more money in your pocket.

This system of betting is simple to use. It is a positive progression strategy that works well for near-even money and even money bets in the casino. It is popular with players of all skill levels and is mostly used in Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, and Roulette. The 1-3-2-6 system uses the following steps:

  • Identify the betting unit you will use keeping in mind your bankroll.
  • First, bet one unit to start, and if you win
  • Then bet three units, and if you win
  • Bet two units, and if you happen to win again
  • Bet six units, and when you have won 4 consecutive times,
  • Bet one unit, to start the progression all over again
  • Bet one unit after a loss irrespective of where you exactly are in the progression.

4) The Fibonacci betting system:

This is a negative progression betting system. This means that following a losing wager involves increasing your stakes. This can help you win some cash because you are most likely to have bigger and higher stakes on the winning wagers than you are on the losing wagers. This theory applies to all the negative progression systems out there. This system is used when you actually place even money bets at the casino. The following 3 rules apply to your staking.

  • Start with 1 betting unit: your very first wager in each of the cycles must be 1 betting unit.
  • Start exactly with 1 unit: if you have lost a wager, you have to go to next number (in the sequence) to find the required stake. That is how many (betting) units you stake for the 2nd wager. And if you lose that also then move to the next number in the (Fibonacci) series. This rule holds good for every loss.
  • After winning move down the sequence: if you have won the bet then, move 2 numbers in the sequence. For instance, if you win after staking 13 units, you would stake 5 units on the very next wager. And in case you win after betting fifty units, you would stake 21 units on your next wager.

5) The Kelly formula:

this helps you calculate the ideal stake on a bet. This gambling method uses a formula for bet sizing, which finds the proper position size for placing a bet based upon the odds. The Kelly formula is:

Kelly % = W – (1-W) / R; where Kelly % is the capital in percent to be put in a single trade. ‘W’= the trading systems’ historical winning percentage. And R is the historical (average) Win/ loss ratio.

For an even cash bet, the Kelly formula finds out the percentage of wager size, by multiplying the chance to win by 2 and then subtracting one.

6) Dutching (in sports betting):

This is a betting strategy, to back more than one selection in the same event. This can be used as an alternative to the betting exchange lay bet. Dutching consists of betting on multiple selections during the same event. And it does not matter which selection wins, a profit can be incurred. This is what the bookmakers do when they set the odds. They build (a predetermined margin) known as Overround (Juice or Vigorish) to ensure there will be profit. The gambling industry’s proverb is the house always wins. And the casino (has a fixed margin) called house edge and the bookmaker has over round, and hence they do not lose for a long while. The process of Dutching permits punters to build the same system, against bookmakers, and in theory, it works and we get to win.

7) Early cash out (in sports betting):

if after placing a bet you want to withdraw it for some reason, then there is the early withdrawal option. These things give the staker more control over the bets he has placed, and they play an important role in your bankroll only if you wager your cards in the right manner. This early pay-out is called cashout by the betting sites. You can cash out while an event is running, or before an event has started. And the amount you can cash out greatly depends on the situation. You can register a profit if things are going your way, or at a loss if you are not right about an event.

8) Bet live on Over 1.5 goals:

this betting strategy helps you bet on live games on Over 1.5 goals bet type. This is a lucrative strategy in betting. The development of the odds gives this bet an interesting advantage. The over 1.5 goals means that a bet on there being 2 or more goals scored (by one team or both the teams put together) in the match. This needs some analysis and luck. Initially do the same as you would with an over / under bet. Find a game where there will be over 2.5 goals. So you must use this strategy in bets where you are confident of expecting this number of goals.

9) Specialize in a league:

always be well informed about the league or tournament you are betting. If you do not have the required information, and you do not know the teams then do not bet. When you know everything about the league and its teams, injuries, or suspensions, then you will be in a better position to bet and win.

10) What is Money Race?:

This is one of the betting strategies where the profit from a winning bet is invested in the 2nd bet. This process continues till the desired amount is reached. All the betting types can use Money Race. In most cases this focus is on low odds (and thus safe bets), to win as many bets as is possible continuously (in a row). This is especially for bettors with a high bankroll. The risk of loss will be greater if Money Race starts with a high stake!