Make money online betting site in India: 

Many people who want to make quick cash through online betting do so with a hope to win and not to lose. However most of the time, they end up losing more than they make shortly. There are many sports and betting on your favorite sport can make some quick money.

Tips to earn money from online betting in India: 

betting is not all about luck. It is the culmination of knowledge and uncertainty. If you follow your favorite sport and have a thorough understanding of the game, you can always increase your chances of winning. Betting on sports is an opportunity to make money and to have fun. The number of bookmakers who offer to bet on sports is gradually growing.

Look for value:

The odds determine the value of the outcome. And these odds are based on the favorites of the match. Compare the odds with the understanding of the team’s position when you are looking into the odds. And to make some good money, choose the sports book with the best offers. If you wager on low odds you will make relatively less money and if the odds are high you can make more money.

Gather more statistics:

the teams involved in the current match repeat the previous patterns (or history repeats). For example, in cricket, Delhi capitals were more consistent last year, and eventually, they went to the finals. On the other hand, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) did not perform well. All this means is that do not wager on big names however check their previous statistics instead.

How to make some extra cash by betting on sports:

First of all open a specific bank account: to make money on sports betting, you need to be dedicated, and for placing your bets you ought to have a special account. 

Create accounts with some sports books: 

you must have an account with at least one sports book. Ideally, you should have at least 3, this is because you can always compare the amount you have incurred and so you can place smarter bets.

First learn to make smart bets: 

many rules apply to this. Some are about which teams we must and must not bet on and some other rules are about numbers.

Create a schedule for betting: 

never bet on every game and every week. Pick the ones you are confident about in the upcoming games. 

 Chasing losses is not a good idea: 

this means that you try and recoup losses, from a previous bet with more betting. This is risky because people will set aside the good judgment and they will place more bad bets to win back the money that was lost and this results in more losses.

How to win money at a live casino:

Practice some games before proceeding to the casino: 

There are many online games, which allow one to gamble without spending a single rupee (or whatever the currency is). Always engage yourself in playing and practicing the games you like to play at the casino. 

Set aside some money before you go to the casino: 

assume you will not win anything and decide beforehand how much you can spend. Invest your target money and be prepared to leave once your money is exhausted.

Understand the casino’s layout when you visit it during the day: 

you might lose track of time because there are no windows and clocks. Visit the casino during the day and look around when you will not be distracted by the hustle and bustle of gambling at night time.

Don’t consume alcohol and be hydrated: 

when you drink alcohol you are more likely to spend more money and pay less attention to the casino games.

How to make more money by playing poker online: 

You need to follow the below steps to make money by playing poker online.

1) First of all choose an (online) poker site and then make a deposit. 

2) You have to increase your wallet balance by playing in poker
tournaments or good cash games. 

3) Study the poker game to improve your hourly rate and win rate. 
4) Repeat steps two and three if you want to withdraw some part of your