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The Trading volumes fell to 98.24 Billion dollars: 

The Trading volumes fell by 1.95% to 98.24 Billion dollars during the period the global crypto currency market cap rose 1.75% in the last 1 day to $1.95 Trillion. The total volume in the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) space stood at $14.21 Billion around 14.46% of the average twenty-four-hour trading volume of crypto currency. The entire volume of stable coins stood at 82.1 Billion dollars, 83.57% of the last 1-day trading volume of crypto currency. 

 The prices of Crypto currencies today: 

Bitcoin jumped to Rs 33,09,098.15 (rose by 0.56%) and Ethereum touched the Rs 2,34,244.16 (rose by 1.4%). In the last 24 hours, Avalanche fell to Rs 6,480 (fell by 1.96%), and Cardano rose to Rs 84.48 (rose by 12.07%), Litecoin rose to Rs 9,406.7 (rose by 0.42%), Polkadot reached the Rs 1,618.61 mark (rose by 1.16%), and Tether stooped down to Rs 77.25 (dropped by 0.89%).

Dragon Tiger

%). Dogecoin went up to Rs 10.51 (a rise of 9.99%), while Memecoin SHIB went up to Rs 0.0018 (a rise of 3.61%). Algorand (ALGO) jumped to Rs 64.11 (jumped by 1.56%), Terra (LUNA) rose to Rs 7,350.40 (rose by 0.96%), and SAND (the native token of Sandbox metaverse ecosystem) touched the two hundred and sixty-two rupees mark.

Meta filed 8 trademark apps for its logo: 

Meta (formerly Facebook) filed 8 trademark apps for its logo to cover a range of digital purposes like exchanges, wallets, and crypto currencies Six out of the 8 filings refer to blockchain and crypto currency based technologies.


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