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The Global Cryptocurrency Market Picture As On 25th March, 2022, An Overview :

The present Cryptocurrency prices as on the 25th of March, 2022 focuses on the fact that Cryptocurrencies traded in the Green, but that was early on the 14th of March, 2022. Switching on to the Global Cryptocurrency Market Capital, it is 2 Trillion Dollars, which is a 2.74 percent increase over the Last Day. At the same time, the Total Crypto Market Volume has come to 106.81 Billion Dollars, which indicates the increase by 8.83 percentage.

The Picture Of De Fi :

Switching on to De Fi, the Total volume of the same is 13.43 Billion Dollars. As a result, this stood to 12.57 percent of the Total Crypto Market 24 Hours Volume.

Stablecoins :

When coming to Stablecoins, the value of all the Stablecoins now stood to 88.49 Billion Dollars. Moreover, this value is 82.84 percent of the Total 24 Hours Crypto volume.

The Picture Of Bitcoin As On 25th March, 2022 :

Moving on to Bitcoins, the price currently is Rupees 33.88 Lakhs. Moreover, the dominance of this Cryptocurrency stands to 41.89 percentage. Furthermore, this shows a 0.14 percent increase throughout the Day.

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The Picture Of Ethereum :

The Value Of Ethereum stood to Rupees 240284.4. In the other way round, it showed a Percentage increase by 3.25 Percentage.

The Scenario Of Polkadot :

Switching on to Polkadot, the present value of the Cryptocoin is Rupees 1631.45. This value is indicative of the fact that there has been a percentage rise by 1.96 Percent.

The Value Of Cardano :

The present value of Cardano, as if today is Rupees 88.3483. Furthermore, this highlights a 2.36 percentage increase in the last 24 Hours.

Concluding Lines :

The Cryptocurrency prices fluctuate and it is truly unpredictable, whether which Cryptocoin would be leading and which would be facing a Slump.    

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