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The Present Scenario Of Cryptocurrency Investment Products And Funds, An Overview :

The incessant outflows of Cryptocurrency caters around the fact that there has been the flow of the Net Cryptocurrencies for the second straight week. On one hand, there has been the vicious Fallouts from the Russia Ukraine conflict. On the other hand, there has been an incessant concern on the regulation of Cryptocurrency.

The Happening On The Big Screen :

Within the week ending March 18th , 2022, the Cryptocurrency sector witnessed Net Outflows of 47 Million Dollars. Moreover, the week before this, had witnessed an Outflow of 110 Million Dollars. In fact, prior the last two weeks, the Digital Asset investment products had witnessed an incessant stretch of Seven straight Weeks of Inflows. Perversely, the Outflows were popping up amidst the continuous efforts to regulate the Crypto.

The Scenario Of Bitcoin :

Switching on to this Cryptocurrency, it has seen the largest Outflow of 33 Million Dollars in the latest week. At the same time, the Outflow had stood to 70 Million Dollars previously. Apart from this, the Year to Date Flows had remained Positive and it stood to 63 Million Dollars. Moving to the Throwback, Bitcoin had seen the Intra Day Low on February 24th , 2022.

Since that point of time, Bitcoin had fetched up to 18 percent and finally, on the 21st of March, 2022, the value of Bitcoin slumped 0.5 Percent and it’s value stood to 41047 Dollars. It also need to be noted that the Bitcoin managed to close the Week more than 40000 Dollars, although, during the Weekend, it was tagged to 42000 Dollars after which the value of Bitcoin had slumped slightly.

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The Indication Of The Retrace Of Bitcoin :

Coming to the retrace of Bitcoin, this is absolutely not at all a negative reaction to any Geopolitical or else a Macro News. Perversely, this type of retrace in Bitcoin is definitely a Healthy symptom. At this point of time, it is to be noted that till the time, Bitcoin stays above the 40000 Dollars, there is always the good chance of continuity.

What Was The Scenario Of Ethereum ? :

Switching on to Ethereum based products, it witnessed Outflows of 17 Million Dollars the week last. Adding to the facts, this value was lower compared to the previous week.

In fact, the previous week had witnessed an Outflow of 50 Million Dollars. At the Bottom line, Ethereum saw an Outflow of 151 Million Dollars, which comes to 1.2 Percent of the Total Assets under Management.

Then, What Happened To The Altcoins ? :

Ripple, Polkadot and Solana are the other Altcoins and these saw Inflows last week.

Concluding Lines :

On one hand, the week prior, the Blockchain linked Equity Investment had stood to Four Million Dollars and following that, the next week, it witnessed Net Inflows of 17 Million Dollars. It seems that the Outflows of Cryptocurrency has exceeded the Inflows.

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