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The Cryptocurrency Prices:

The Current Cryptocurrency prices cater to the fluctuations which have been observed catering to the Bitcoins. On one hand, Bitcoin has peaked to the 41000 Dollar Mark. On the other hand, Avalanche and Ethereum are also noted to have big swings. It needs to be kept in mind that Bitcoin is the largest Crypto. Furthermore, this estimation is in par with the Market Value. At the same time, this Currency was trading 0.69 percent Higher. At the day end, it’s value stood to 41, 124.58 Dollars. Apart from this, the last seven Day Gains of this Currency stood to 0.8 Percent.


Switching on to Ethereum, the value of the same has surged 2.9 Percent in the last 24 Hours. As a result, it’s value stood to 2,769 Dollars. It needs to be noted that Ethereum is the Second Largest Cryptocurrency by Market Value and it’s value has augmented by 3.9 Percent in the last One Week.


Before we switch on to the value of Tether, it needs to be noted that Tether is the Third Largest. Moreover, Tether was almost Flat at One Dollar. However, the same has happened even with USD Coin, which stood Flat at 0.99 Dollars.

The Miscellaneous Facts:

On one hand, BNB added 1.19 Percent, XRP was able to fetch 2.01 Percent and Terra fell down by 2.12 Percent. Apart from this, Cardano, Polkadot, Avalanche and Solara augmented to Nine Percent. At the same time, Dogecoin has added 2.35 Percent to 0.1173 Dollars.

The Scenario Of The Global Cryptocurrency Market:

Coming to the Global Cryptocurrency Market Cap, it has risen by 1.82 Trillion Dollars. Moreover, this shows a Rise by 1.42 Percent in the last 24 Hours. At the same time, the total Cryptocurrency Trading Volume has jumped 23 Percent. At the Day End, it’s value stood to 100.11 Billion Dollars.

Concluding Lines:

The fact as if now is that the Cryptocurrency Exchanges are getting tampered with a Long Term Damage.  Furthermore, most of the Cryptocurrency Exchanges are situated in Russia and at this point of time, the Western Government has planned to isolate Moscow. This is only because Russia is on the verge to invade Ukraine.

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